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Redefining Dental Insight through CBCT Imaging for Accurate Pathology Detection and Treatment


Dentomo is trained on an extensive database of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) images, boasting unparalleled accuracy in identifying and classifying four critical dental pathologies alongside an exhaustive analysis of eight previous treatments. Developed by a team of skilled mathematicians and image recognition specialists, Dentomo employs sophisticated algorithms to automatically interpret DICOM-format images from CBCT examinations, offering precise insights into a patient’s oral health.

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Precision Diagnosis for Enhanced Patient Care

Dentomo's advanced algorithms ensure high accuracy in identifying and classifying dental pathologies and previous treatments. With this precision, dental practitioners can provide more informed and effective treatment plans, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Efficient Workflow and Time Savings

The rapid image processing feature of Dentomo, analyzing 3D maxillofacial CBCT images in under 30 seconds, contributes to a more efficient workflow. This not only saves valuable time for dental professionals but also allows for quicker decision-making in treatment planning, ultimately increasing the number of patients served.

Comprehensive Insights for Informed Decision-Making

Dentomo's capability to automatically identify 4 oral pathologies and 8 previous treatments offers comprehensive insights into a patient's oral health. This wealth of information enables practitioners to make well-informed decisions, leading to more personalized treatment plans and a higher standard of care

Enhanced Patient Education and Communication

The inclusion of a library of 3D interactive dental models in Dentomo facilitates patient education and communication. Dental practitioners can use visual aids to explain diagnoses and treatment plans more effectively, leading to increased patient understanding and satisfaction

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