Service Terms and conditions


As for the purpose of this document, the following terms mean:

  • User: Refers to the individual who accesses the services of DENTOMO, based on the assigned profile (Free or Premium).
  • DENTOMO Platform: Aims to identify oral pathologies and previous treatments through the interpretation of CBCT images in DICOM format, utilizing Disruptive Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • User Data: Refers to all the information necessary to manage the User’s account.
  • Confidential Data: All information owned by the User and considered part of their assets.
  • Personal Data: All information about an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is one whose identity can be determined, directly or indirectly, particularly through an identifier, such as a name, identification number, location data, phone data, etc.


The following Terms and Conditions of Service for DENTOMO (hereinafter referred to as the “Contracting Conditions,” “Contract Terms,” or “Terms”) aim to regulate the services provided by the DENTOMO platform (hereinafter referred to as “DENTOMO”) to Users, according to their profile.

MEDLAB MEDIA GROUP SL (hereinafter referred to as MEDLAB) is the owner of the DENTOMO platform, with the purpose of identifying oral pathologies and previous treatments through the interpretation of CBCT images in DICOM format, utilizing Disruptive Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

These Terms are exclusively applicable between MEDLAB and Users of DENTOMO who have registered through the corresponding user registration procedure for their respective profiles.

The User declares to have read and understood these Terms in advance and voluntarily accepts them without any reservation. Therefore, the described actions confer the status of a User in the corresponding profile without the need for a conventional signature. It is the obligation of MEDLAB to inform that if the User disagrees with the Terms described in this document, the User must refrain from accessing and using DENTOMO.


DENTOMO is a web and desktop (API) platform for the interpretation of CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) images using technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. Its objectives include:

  • Clinical Diagnosis Assistance: DENTOMO automates the detection of oral pathologies, aiding in clinical diagnosis.
  • Management and Issuance of Clinical Reports: Detailed reports are generated, providing patients with clear and accurate information about their oral health.
  • Patient Management: DENTOMO includes a database for efficient management of patient records.
  • Storage of Patient’s Complementary Tests: It allows for the storage of complementary tests, maintaining a history of the patient’s various visits to the dental office.

As a diagnostic tool, DENTOMO generates an odontogram (pictorial representation of each of the 32 teeth), identifying conditions such as cavities, root remnants, malposition, abrasions, and impacted teeth. Additionally, it identifies up to nine previous treatments, marked in the panoramic image by an orange circle. These treatments include: implant, crown, dental post, filling, braces, retainers, partial filling, bridge, and dental veneer.


4.1. User registration process

4.1.1. User Registration.

A User is defined as an individual who accesses, navigates, and uses the services and/or content hosted on the DENTOMO platform. This term also includes professionals or organizations that have contracted the services of DENTOMO.

The use of the application for image diagnosis requires prior registration as a User. Access will be conditioned upon registration on the platform under a specific profile. The platform will assign a username and password, automatically generated and sent to the email provided by the User.

The User status is categorized into different profiles:

  1. Free Profile: Navigation User. This is a User who browses the DENTOMO landing page without the need for registration or requests a demo of DENTOMO. The tool is intended for dental professionals and is not suitable for patients or non-professionals.
  2. Business Profile: This is a User who contracts services with MEDLAB for the use of the oral pathology and previous treatment diagnostic tool through the interpretation of CBCT images in DICOM format, employing Disruptive Technologies such as AI and Machine Learning.
    • Clinic or Organization User: Has administrator privileges. Can create patient databases, professional user accounts, edit profiles, and log out. Also responsible for managing the loading of DICOM files.
    • Auxiliary Users: Their privileges are limited by the administrator user.

These distinctions help in managing access and permissions based on the different roles and responsibilities within the DENTOMO platform.

4.1.2. Users unsubscription

The User can unsubscribe from DENTOMO by sending an email to

MEDLAB reserves the right to deny access and even delete accounts of users who engage in such actions, as well as any others deemed contrary to current legislation.

4.2. Clinical oral report generated with AI.

The generated report in PDF format captures all information related to the patient’s oral health at the time of the radiographic examination, including:

  1. Patient’s identification data
  2. Odontogram with general information
  3. Details of each dental piece with the found pathologies
  4. Comments made by the professional.

This comprehensive report provides a detailed overview of the patient’s oral health based on the radiographic examination.

4.3. Security measures. Access codes.

With the acceptance of these Terms, the User will be provided with credentials by MEDLAB, and the User is responsible for safeguarding the access key to DENTOMO services and for any activity or action carried out with them.

MEDLAB is not responsible for any damage or harm that may be caused to the User as a result of the loss or theft of the username/password and/or its use by a third party. In the event of a lost or stolen password, the User should promptly notify MEDLAB of the incident.

The access key must meet the following conditions to ensure its security: it should include uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. For enhanced security, access keys will have a periodicity, and after a certain period, they will expire, requiring the User to recover them through the “password recovery system” in the DENTOMO Platform. 


5.1. Users obligations.

The User undertakes to use DENTOMO, as well as its contents, diligently, correctly, and lawfully, in accordance with the law and these Conditions, as well as other notices, usage regulations, and instructions made available for their knowledge. In particular, the User agrees to:

  • Refrain from engaging in any unlawful, prohibited, or harmful activities that may violate the rights and interests of third parties or in any way damage, disable, overload, deteriorate, or prevent the normal use of DENTOMO services, computer equipment, or documents, files, and all types of content, or other Users.
  • Any inappropriate conduct by the User may result in MEDLAB, at its discretion, taking appropriate action, including deactivating the User in accordance with the relationship with the DENTOMO Platform.
  • From the moment of downloading the reports, the User is solely responsible for the use and safekeeping of such reports.
  • The User also agrees to maintain the confidentiality of their access keys to DENTOMO. Consequently, they are responsible for their proper custody and confidentiality, committing not to transfer them to third parties, temporarily or permanently, or to allow access to said services and/or content by unauthorized individuals.
  • Introducing or spreading computer viruses or any other elements that may cause damage to the system.
  • Deleting, hiding, or manipulating intellectual or industrial property rights notices and other identifying data of MEDLAB or third parties incorporated into the content, as well as technical protection devices or any information mechanisms that may be inserted into the content.
  • Not collaborating with others in activities that violate the privacy of other Users

5.2. Users’ responsibility.

The User is solely responsible for any infringements they may commit or damages they may cause through the use of the DENTOMO Platform. MEDLAB, its collaborators, employees, and representatives are exempt from any kind of liability that may arise from the actions of the User. Consequently, the User is solely responsible for any claims or legal actions, whether judicial or extrajudicial, initiated by third parties against MEDLAB or third-party collaborators based on the improper use of the DENTOMO Platform.

5.3. Exoneration of responsibility.

DENTOMO in NO CASE replaces the judgment of the Dentist; it is solely and exclusively an aid to diagnosis, meaning that the judgment of oral health professionals will always prevail over any diagnosis the tool may provide.

The purpose of DENTOMO is the identification of oral pathologies and previous treatments through the interpretation of CBCT images in DICOM format, using Disruptive Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, report management modules may be operated by auxiliary staff if the professional deems it appropriate.

DENTOMO is indicated as a diagnostic tool to assist dentists in diagnosing adult patients and is not intended for paediatric use. DENTOMO does not directly or indirectly affect the patient’s health. It is a tool designed to aid in diagnosis for dental professionals, and therefore, the final decision rests with the practitioner. The responsibility for any misdiagnosis of a condition that may affect the patient’s health lies entirely with the healthcare professional.

Additionally, services offered through the DENTOMO Platform may occasionally be unavailable or offered in a limited manner due to external factors such as network or internet connectivity. Within its limits, MEDLAB will provide an appropriate level of service assurance on the DENTOMO Platform.


MEDLAB provides a support service to Users for the purpose of managing incidents related to the DENTOMO platform and to report any issues, complaints, or requests related to the services on DENTOMO.

This type of notification will be available in the private area of the platform.


All contents of DENTOMO, unless otherwise indicated, are owned by MEDLAB, as it is the entity that owns the DENTOMO platform. Therefore, including but not limited to, the graphic design, source code, logos, texts, graphics, illustrations, photographs, and other elements appearing on DENTOMO are the property of MEDLAB. Likewise, all trade names, trademarks, or distinctive signs of any kind contained in DENTOMO are protected by law.

As a User, you are granted a limited license to access and use DENTOMO for professional purposes. Therefore, it is prohibited to download or modify the platform or any part thereof. This license does not include any resale or commercial use of DENTOMO or its contents; any downloading or copying of account information; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools.

No license or authorization for personal use is granted to the User regarding intellectual and industrial property rights or any other rights related to DENTOMO and the services offered therein. Therefore, the User acknowledges that the reproduction, distribution, commercialization, transformation, and, in general, any other form of exploitation, by any means, of all or part of the contents in DENTOMO constitutes an infringement of the intellectual and/or industrial property rights of the company or the owner thereof.


8.1. Data processing by DENTOMO.

You can refer to the complete “Privacy Policy” in its corresponding section

8.2. Data processing by USER.

The service provided by MEDLAB allows the User to create their private workspace and add users from their organization, as well as input and share information that belongs to them. Therefore, all information loaded and stored in DENTOMO is the exclusive responsibility of the User, as they have control over the information and are responsible for the data processing, they incorporate into DENTOMO.

MEDLAB is considered the Data Processor on behalf of the Data Controller for the purposes of data processing, storage, and maintenance and support tasks for the User on the DENTOMO platform.

In accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR and Title V, Chapter II of the LOPDGDD, the processing by a Data Processor must be governed by a contract or other legal act under Union or Member State law that binds the Data Processor to the Data Controller. In this sense, the User (dental clinic or professional) henceforth assumes the role of DATA CONTROLLER, and MEDLAB assumes the role of DATA PROCESSOR regarding the information that users upload to DENTOMO.

Acceptance of these Terms implies the formalization of a data processing agreement between the Data Controller and the Data Processor for the purposes of data processing, storage, and maintenance and support tasks on the DENTOMO Platform, in accordance with the provisions of Article 28 of the GDPR attached to this document.


9.1. Contract conditions modification

MEDLAB reserves the right to make, without prior notice, any modifications it deems appropriate to the DENTOMO Platform, including changing, removing, or adding content, materials, and services, as well as the manner in which they are presented.

In this regard, access to the content and/or services offered through DENTOMO is, in principle, for a duration specified by these Conditions. The User agrees that MEDLAB may unilaterally terminate, suspend, or interrupt, at any time without prior notice, the availability of the DENTOMO Platform and/or any of its services, without the User being entitled to any compensation.

It is recommended that the User periodically review the Conditions, as they may undergo modifications. The current version can be consulted at the end of this document.

9.2. Force Majeure.

Any possible delay or non-performance by MEDLAB under these Terms of Service will not be considered a breach and will be excused to the extent that it has been caused by any event beyond the reasonable control of MEDLAB, including, without limitation, force majeure events, power outages, natural disasters, airspace closures, and restrictions by Public Authority, adverse weather conditions or conditions, strikes, public disorder or threats of public disorder, and war or threat of war.

9.3. Services extinction

These Conditions will remain in effect until terminated by the User or in the event of non-payment by the User (Business profile).


The present Conditions will be governed by the current legislation in the Spanish territory. The parties submit, by their choice and waiving any other jurisdiction, to the Courts and Tribunals of the User’s domicile for the resolution of conflicts and actions that may arise from the provision of the service, as well as the interpretation, application, compliance, or non-compliance with what is established here

Last Update: December of 2023